Here is a list of the CBBC idents from 1997-2001. Most of the original ones had been withdrawn before 31st of September 2001.



The idents in Italics are original ones used from 1997. Most had a piano soundtrack. (w) indictaes they were withdrawn. Idents added later have an individual soundtrack.

CBBC Mole (w)


CBBC Fish longer (w)

CBBC Man & Dog

CBBC Dragon

CBBC Magician (w)


CBBC Snail

CBBC Skunk (w)

CBBC Mouse and Bike

CBBC Cat and Mouse

CBBC Cat and Bird (w)

CBBC Breakfast Show (w)

CBBC Coin (end copright capt. ident) (w)

CBBC Blobs

CBBC Tiger

CBBC Spiral

CBBC Octopus (designed by viewer)

CBBC Space girl

CBBC Signs

CBBC Signs end (copyright capt.)

Special Idents

The Saturday Aardvark

The Saturday Aardvark - Kirsten and Otis.

The Saturday Aardvark - Mix up letters. (about 3 versions)

Planet Saturday

PS long

PS Short

BIG Sunday

2001 summer holidays had BIG sunday. They used the same music as Planet saturday.


1998-Vending machine

1999-Mix of presenters and programmes

2000-Micheal and Ana making the logo out of beach items.

2001-Micheal and Liam on rollercoaster.


Ghosts flying at camera.

Kick off Week

Different sports images.

Christmas 1997

CBBC Kalidoscope

Two versions staring at diffent points.

Christmas 1998

I think the soundtrack was changed to kalidoscope.

Christmas 1999

Richard (Dick), Steve, Kristen and Otis.

Steve on tuba.

Otis with present for Kirsten.

Otis sneezes and blows off everyone's Santa beards.

Christmas 2000

The penguin and Snowman.

Snowman sneezes.

Penguin throws snowball at snowman.


This look from me gets   6/10!